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Software and Solutions

At TA Triumph-Adler, we can provide bespoke process solutions for documents, information and IT. Based on our core business, the document business, we continuously develop our portfolio with leading edge innovation and products such as the introduction of mobile solutions and cloud services that pave the way for flexible, mobile employees.

Solutions Packs

Our software packs are essentially a mix of software, hardware and professional services that, when combined, produce a package of products bespoke to the clients’ needs with the flexibility to adapt and scale as required.

These packs are designed to give market leading, affordable software solutions that complement each other, because we know that there is not a ‘one size fits all’. They are designed to be supplier-agnostic allowing your needs to drive the solution rather than a specific product. We offer a range of packs designed for specific functions or vertical markets:

Solutions Packs Downloads

Designed for organisations moving towards digital office and digital archiving; digitising information and freeing up valuable physical space.

Ideal for public institutions such as schools, government agencies and industrial companies – each with at least two central MFDPs.

Perfect for all who work with personal and/or sensitive data e.g. within hospitals, government agencies, lawyers and accountants.

Specifically designed for legal organisations include solicitor practices and chambers, who not only hold sensitive documents, but have a requirement to accurately account for and charge for document output.

Created for all private and public healthcare providers including clinics providing any patient facing services, such as opticians and chiropractors, not forgetting dentists and veterinary practices!

Designed for education establishments of any size, as well as community projects and charities that provide education services, ensuring that Student / Staff printing and scanning is kept, and billed, separately and that print policies can be enforced.

Great for any government body, NGO or department associated with government agencies and working within set procurement processes and IT constraints.

Created for building, civil engineering and construction companies that have a large number of mobile users and sites that scale up and down.